Hey Girl Heyyy, (or guy, don’t judge me. ;-p)

Christiana Smith here

Founder and Boss Lady of Christo’s closet.

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you a little about the story behind my Boutique.

I grew up in Africa, I migrated here with my family to get away from the terrible life that we had there.

Now here I am! In the United States after immigrating and going to college to get a “proper degree” I finally had the courage to get over my fears and put my hard work and dedication to opening my own boutique.

THE DREAM: To give AMERICAN LUXURY feel to every woman without them having to worry about the price tag.

I started Christo’s Closet out of my love for fashion, I wanted to provide women like me with real love for bodies a mix of Classy, and Sexy but Modest Clothing and accesories.

I also wanted to make sure to currate products made in the USA and offer limited edition fashion pieces like luxury designers. I mean, let’s face it every woman should feel like a million bucks without having to break the bank.


Supporting American made business’s is important to me. The quality of materials is superior. If we don’t support American made who will?

So when you shop at Christo’s closet you are not just supporting me you are supporting all the companies I currate the products from.

Thanks for reading now get to shopping before someone snags your favorite one of a kind items!

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